When Three Rivers’ parent company was in Chapter 11, a bid was placed on an 84 bed acute psychiatric hospital on Sunset Boulevard in West Columbia, SC. Three Rivers was adjacent to the large campus of Lexington Medical Center, a 400 bed trauma center. When built in the 1970's, Three Rivers was decidedly rural, the subsequent growth of Lexington Medical was a major factor that drove the decision to acquire the property.

Three Rivers was closing, not admitting patients, and had eliminated all but 12 personnel. The bid decision was based on a decision that if the hospital business didn’t work, the 26 acre campus would have substantial value for medical facility developers.

The cost was $55,000 for the hospital and $5,500,000 for the land. The group also invested another $1,000,000 to have a total of $6,500,000 in the project. They applied for an expansion to a total CON of 116 beds. The facility was sold after development and growth to Psychiatric Solutions, a subsidiary of HCA in Brentwood Tennessee for $29,000,000 in a stock and cash deal.

Property Details

  • 26 acre campus

  • 84 bed hospital