Our long-term, investor-focused approach is central to our everyday decision making; it's what drives our commitment to investing in only top quality projects.


For a long time the private real estate market has been for the elite investor only. Its unique potential for high returns and built-in tax advantages make the real estate market highly attractive to investors, but it’s also accompanied by some very real complications, including capital concentration in only one property or type of property.

At MVP, we make investing and diversifying your portfolio simple by providing handpicked, successfully vetted projects that will produce high returns. Now, investors at every level can unlock a world of real estate market investing that was previously only available to those billion-dollar institutions.


When you invest in MVP Fund I, you can invest your money in a diversified portfolio filled with a variety of real estate projects — each one strategically handpicked, actively improved, and carefully managed over time by our team of real estate experts.

A portfolio-based Fund means instant diversification and the potential for higher performance at lower risk levels, in order to power the growth of your net worth.


Since the beginning, MVP Principals have earned a reputation for asset investment excellence base on market knowledge, and technical skills. Our team encompasses commercial brokerage, finance, real estate development, re-development & asset and property experts.

Our experienced professionals understand commercial real estate and draw on decades of combined experience to pursue the best results for our investors.